In the great blog explosion of 2006-10, few heald their own quite like the south east London-based No Pain In Pop. Consistently about six months ahead of the pack, whether it was on the eery bass of post-dubstep or the sleepy appeal of h-pop, they tend to lead, and do so with integrity, and a second-to-none quality control. Their label, likewise, has offered a home to some of the most exciting musicians in London and beyond, with Grimes, patten, Nite Jewel, Health, A Grave With No Name and Forest Swords among residents and refugees. It’s, quite frankly, the sort of institution that emo-leaning music journalists tend to gasp about.” Dummy Magazine

No Pain In Pop is a “polystylistic” London based record label focused on developing leftfield music which retains a melodic and modern aesthetic. We hope our releases give some permanence and identity to the accelerated, immutable tides of blog culture, yet also place each firmly as part of a global cutting-edge music narrative. As such, we look to work primarily with UK acts but have an international roster of acts working across a wide range of genres. View our release discography here.

We also do these things :

From 2008 we ran a successful blog. It won the 2009 Record of the Day award (a UK industry showcase) for Best Blog. The original design was hacked in 2011 and we lost 2+ years of archived posts and data from the hosting server. A new design has since been online from November 2011 here.

We promote clubnights, gigs and events throughout London.

Since 2009 we have curated an annual festival of new music and art in London called 'Nail the Cross' :

"It boasts a line-up so ahead of the curve that most of these artists could look over their shoulders and thumb their noses at the zeitgeist trailing wheezingly in their wake. Feels like the future." NME

"Look closely and you’ll realise that today’s curators aren’t just planning a party - they’re breaking down musical boundaries." Dazed & Confused

We provide management services to Echo Lake.

No Pain In Pop DJs are available for bookings. Places we have played out include Glastonbury, Lovebox, Field Day and Fabric.